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We in Jethro specialize in Turnkey projects, a general solution starting from the project definition to final product on the market. Alongside our business goals, in every project where Jethro is involved, social aspects constitute a central element and are a key factor when considering its results. Our experience proves that the combination of social develepmont with business  parameters not only works and serve both purposes, but also enhances the chances for the project's success.

Connecting the Dots

Field Crops

Smart city

Connecting the Dots is a concept designed to create a maximum level of collaboration between the different spheres of life concerning an individual. It is about establishing a new management approach, while embracing the existing resources provided by the government for the benefit of the local population. “Connecting the Dots” incorporates all the programs and budgets into a single system, thus allowing the establishment of a  singular address or access point in which the individual can report and request services and support. In addition, it includes a special program for improving the economic and social wellbeing in the region in three major areas: production, marketing & finance, and social health & education.

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Jethro's work in the horticulture sector is aimed to increase the quality and quantity of production and improve the life and working environment of the farmer. These changes are generally based upon the adoption of the right crop based on local conditions and market demands, introduction of new technology, working methods, intensive training and ongoing professional support.

We provide end-to-end, tailor made solutions with a wide variety of experts, who come from various fields and cover all areas from needs identification to post harvesting, and are experienced in improvement using advanced techniques. Our integrative approach and the installation of the full cycle of production improve the chances for success dramatically.

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Water is the city's most valuable resource. Its treatment and management is one of the main challenges a Smart City has to deal with.

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In the modern world, the security of electricity supply is threatened as the demand for energy is constantly rising and the resources are becoming scarce and more expensive. Jethro's Smart Grid supplies smart electricity and advanced energy metering plus flexible networks and transparent and just billing

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The Smart City concept is a unique solution.  Installed since "day 1" from the Mayor Commissioner point of view, it enables the municipal authorities to see and control the full spectrum of services it want to provide, and the challenges he faces. Monitoring the whole city with one keyboard and a mouse. Data collection and analysis. Modular system fits to the needs of the city.

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Water & Sewerage

Smart grid

Social Impact

"With knowledge training and guidance, community relations turn from restrictors into growth enhancers"

Gabi Nahum, Agrowan Smart Village introduction

We at Jethro believe that providing tools is far more important than supplying immediate needs. Tools can range from changing mode of trade, mastery or professional training, up to a new occupation or way of life.

Our goal is to set a stable base for individuals and the community as a whole so they can thrive on their own. For this reason, our projects include, beside the specific content of the project, training courses for the participants.

In every project where Jethro is involved, social aspects constitute a central element and are a key factor when considering results. Jethro aims to influence communities, our work is directed to strengthen social ties within the community and we do so by working together with the people and believe that joint work of the community is a condition for success.

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