Smart city

Israeli consortium smart city solution

The Smart City concept is a unique solution.  Installed since "day 1" from the Mayor/ Commissioner’s point of view, it enables the municipal authorities to see and control the full spectrum of services they want to provide, and identify the challenges faced. Monitoring the whole city with one keyboard and a mouse through data collection and analysis. We provide a Modular system which fits to the needs of the city.

Smart City presents a "state of the art" integrative approach, in a way where the most advanced technical solution is managed and operated by one control and command room that is very easy to access, and work with. It contains the latest approved technology of computers, screens, network, announcing systems and analytic software with monitor control and action as per incident.

We use the safe city infrastructure (cameras, communication, etc.) with the close collaboration of TOPSKYLINE Ltd. in order to get a better use of other municipality tools, directing the information received "from the street" to the relevant professional municipal departments. In addition, the technology that we present has unique advantages, most notably, It is easy to implement and relatively less expensive than the alternative.

Jethro provides full guidance and training of local groups concerning everything including the management of the software. We share our wide knowledge and experience about cause and effect actions, and collaborate in preparation for parades, demonstrations etc..

We provide the full system, a turnkey solution that is holistic, not of a specific area of expertise and includes: Security, Lighting & Energy, Municipal services, Traffic & parking, Mobile app, Environmental protection and communication.


The "Safe City" project: We supply the most technologically advanced equipment, which enables sophisticated measures regarding monitoring and control over what is happing in the city. 

Lightning & energy

Energy management is one of the most demanding issues within cities due to the complexity of the energy systems and their vital role. Jethro offers optimization of the energy usage by controlling and efficiently suppling power and by using advanced technologies, that enables automatic or remote control over lightning scenarios

Traffic & parking

With a unified management system, which monitors and controls traffic related issues from traffic lights up to parking, and advanced cashless parking payment technologies, we provide a comprehensive smart solution to the growing traffic & parking problem in big cities.  

Mobile app

Live ongoing updates about everything that is going on in his city keeps the citizens in touch and feel more connected to his city.

Environmental protection

We provide the Smart City with measurement and monitoring tools, which enables it to be more 'green'  and become a part of the solution instead of being part of the problem


Water is the city's most valuable resource. Treatment and management is one of the main challenges a Smart City has to deal with.

We in Jethro are provide total solution by Implementation of new technologies, Improving management process of water supply networks, reducing water loss on the water supply network (non-revenue water, which is lost before reaching the costumer) and reducing energy consumption expended on the distribution of water.

Waste management

Handling waste is very complex, and can be very inefficient or even harmful. Therefore, it requires professional treatment. We believe that when it comes to waste management we must operate in two parallel and complementary axes: professional smart services and products of waste treatment, and education.

Wi fi

Full wireless coverage of the city enables better control over the city's resources, better security for its citizens and mainly offer many services aimed at the welfare of its citizens.