Food for all

Low cost agricultural production project

"We can grow tomatoes on the Moon. One just needs to find out whether this is the right solution for the needs, if it is worth the efforts and if there is a right budget" Gabi Nahum, CEO of Jethro. Countries, especially those in the process of development, demand a complete solution for the problem of hunger and poverty. Often, remote villages don’t have a convenient access to water resources; they encounter shortage of fertile soil or lack of professional knowledge & technology. As a result, those villages' residents suffer from hunger and poverty. Food for All gives a "custom made" low cost solution to resolve the hunger problem in a respectful and professional way.

Today, in our global village, food production technology allows copying technologies and adapting them to different locations. Technology transfer to different locations requires a preliminary study of local conditions, culture, needs, potential markets and the right budget.

The implementation of processing methods, new crops, new livestock and the adaptation of new technologies cannot succeed unless warranted by professional escort and "on the job training". In the 21st century, there are no technological, economic or human justifications for the presence of hunger. When leaders want and allow it, a quick production of livelihood means can be found and developed for the population.


The spectrum of solutions to the challenges of food production is extremely broad. From construction of new villages with industrial zones and services or new smaller villages without industrial area, to systems of management and support to the farmers in already existing villages.

"Food for All" is a unique low cost model, which can be tailored to the needs of every single village. First, together with local authorities and residents of the village we define the specific needs, and then we build a low cost system that allows a better and more advanced agricultural production.

The system is modular and provides small and medium family farms with:

  • Micro-finance
  • Advanced technologies and the means of agricultural production
    (seeds, fertilizers)
  • Agronomic knowledge inputs and comprehensive training
  • Construction of production and marketing cycles until reaching full gains


The producers receive knowledge on how to manage home farms, 
from the plowing to marketing.

The proposed model provides holistic solution and specific guidance through all the stages required to become a successful producer of agricultural goods, the ability to earn and be professional but more than anything, to gain dignity and high self-esteem.