Water & Sewerage

Treatment and management of the city's most valueable resource

Water is the city's most valuable resource. Its treatment and management is one of the main challenges a Smart City has to deal with.

Water is the city's most valuable resource. Treatment and management is one of the main challenges SMART CITY has to deal with.

When speaking about urban water systems we deal with two great and different challenges: 

  • Providing a reliable, cost effective and healthy supply of drinking water.
  • Meeting the environmental standards, while remaining cost effective, for wastewater treatment and management.

The way we face these challenges:

  • Implementation of new technologies.
  • Improving management process of water supply network.
  • Reducing water loss in the water supply network (non-revenue water, which is lost before reaching the customer).
  • Reducing energy consumption expended on the distribution of water.

The old solution did not talk about the interface of these different components of water treatment & sewerage.  It had one or two big systems (drinking and waste water centers) for the city. Our new concept divides the city into separate zones with independent waste water treatment plants (WWTP) and drinking water treatment plants (DWTP) in each zone.

Why is our solution better?

  • It secures an optimal solution: on the one hand, it lowers the costs, while on the other hand it matches the actual needs.
  • Modularity that ensures accommodation to future growth.
  • High availability of water- a problem in one zone does not affect other zones.
  • Allows interface with city level monitoring.
  • Energy saving and efficient water management.
  • Reducing water loss significantlyby preventing water pipe leakage.


Our remote monitoring system controls over the whole water & sewerage system at the city level and enables:

  • Independent control over district drinking water and waste water treatment systems.
  • Industrial processed water.
  • Division of water for irrigation.
  • Leakage detection and water distribution management.

At the consumer level, we provide high levels of hygiene and sanitation.

When addressing a disaster scenario, we provide emergency mobile water treatment systems.